Save the Earth, Save the Planet!

Save the Earth, Save the Planet!

According to research by Beth Howell, the fashion industry is one of the largest contributors in the world when it comes to pollution. The pollution of clothes can be very environmentally destructive, which include the "CO2 emissions" and "the mass of clothes waste".

Clothes manufacturing involve cross-complex process which includes: spinning, weaving, refining, dyeing, finishing process, printing, cutting and sewing etc. All these process could cause pollution to the environment as it involved chemicals; the processing is required to turn fiber into fabric, which is toxic. However, harm is mitigated by the use of closed loop processing, which recycles the chemicals rather than releasing them into the environment.

There's also ways to reduce the pollution of clothing’s manufacturing process. Using the right material, organic cotton is one of the eco-friendly material as it is grown without toxic and synthetic chemical inputs.

As consumers, we can support it by purchasing eco-friendly products (products that made from organic raw material which can be recycled) and sharing the environmental awareness to publics to reduce pollution; we should not give in to the high turnover in fashion (make our clothes last longer).

As social public responsibility, Exhaust Garment now participating in eco-friendly products to promote the environmental awareness to the publics:


Exhaust T-shirt are made by organic cotton.

-ORGANIC COTTON has been growth without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. This is better for nature and wonderful soft to wear

Exhaust Dyeing and printing process are using non-toxic chemical.

-Product Made without any use of toxic chemicals (AZO free and not harmful). Making it healthier for you and the environment.


A little effort can make a big difference. You can make the change!

Thanks for helping protect our planet!

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